About Us

Incorporated in 2019, UK-based SME AirPlus Renewables Limited is a disruptive start-up with an aim to revolutionise power generation and enable the drive to NetZero. Our patentable innovation is a totally revolutionary concept and design of wind turbines that will take the technology from large-scale, unsightly wind farms that are currently operational, to a solution that can be widely deployed globally within existing urban infrastructure and harness energy from previously inaccessible sources (traffic airflow, urban building environments) at/near point of use.
The escalating global environmental crisis has put clean energy as an ever-increasing priority for businesses, consumers, and Governments. With a projected 50% energy use increase by 2050, deployment needs to be rapid and streamlined to ensure clean, efficient energy. Existing solutions focus on large-scale solutions, simply miniaturising their formats without redesigning the blades of overall structure, and their orientations only facilitate running a single generator, therefore limiting energy production.
Through this Industrial Research project, AirPlus will develop working prototypes of a globally disruptive, rapidly scalable, horizontal wind turbine, scaling up from our proof-of-concept design and testing in representative environments.


Climate change crisis

AirPlus’ solution will address the climate change crisis and aid the UK in achieving Net-Zero.


Net-zero emissions

We aim to revolutionise power generation and enable the drive to Net-Zero.

50% energy use increase by 2050

Our solution will enable rapid and streamlined deployment of clean and efficient energy.

Our Team

AirPlus’ diverse team with highly technical and commercial knowledge and substantial experience of product development, alongside UK-based specialist subcontractors, demonstrate the skills necessary to create a solution that addresses these issues and deliver a world-leading product with maximum ROI for both AirPlus and the taxpayer.

J Patel

Co-founder and CEO

J Patel is an innovator with >13 years’ experience of product development from initial concept to the commercial launch. J Patel have invented multiple products and named inventor on 7 patents across wider applications.
He has expertise in identifying relevant challenges and to define/ develop optimum solution at the cost-effective manner. J Patel co-founded AirPlus to develop a world-leading product to fight against climate change.

K Patel

Co-Founder and Design Lead

K Patel is an experienced product design and development engineer with multiple years’ experience of the product development from concept to the optimisation and commercial launch.

D Axon

Non-Executive Director

A true business expert with over 30 years’ experience as a Consultant, Advisor, Executive/Non-Executive director and has executed over 200 operational M&A due-diligence, integration, carve-out, restructuring and profit improvement programmes across small, multi-site and large complex assignments, nationally and internationally, for Corporates and Private Equity.
In previous roles, David served as a Director in PwC deal value creation team before becoming a Partner at Grant Thornton, setting up an operational business profit improvement and deal value creation team, followed by Global Head of Private Equity, Mergers & Acquisitions at Celerant (Hitachi) Consulting.

C Mehta

Strategic Advisor

C. Mehta is an Entrepreneur and Executive with a proven track record in building enterprise software products and services in High Tech, Financial Services, Healthcare, Retail Ecommerce and Telco sectors for over 25 years. He has deep understanding of the product lifecycle (hardware and software) right from design, IP/patent management, manufacturing, quality control, distribution to customer support.
C. Mehta has worked extensively with start-ups internationally helping them with technology & business strategy, product development & positioning, strategic alliances & partnerships, and operations. He has gone through the entire product development cycle whilst working with a blue-chip company such as Sun Microsystems in the US whereby he was part of the Java Enterprise Platform team since the early days of the product and platform development.

M. Aziz

Strategic Advisor

>30 years’ experience in multiple sectors with specific focus transforming organisations in Financial Services, Pharma & Life Sciences, Energy, Telco, Retail & Public Sector enterprises across EMEA, working with global, international brands, as well as start-ups and scaling companies.
These are all in client facing, consulting and programme delivery roles, delivering multimillions £ benefits and growing business units consistently both in terms of revenue and people development. Recent notable experiences include, Non-executive Governing Board Member, Chair of Finance & Performance Committee Strategic Global Alliances for Blue Prism, with responsibility for EMEA & Rest of World alliances growth.